I hail from Nigeria by origin, having seized the opportunity to attain a doctoral degree in computer software from one of Asia's most esteemed universities. At present, I am engrossed in a Web3 project and concurrently bear the mantle of a technology entrepreneur. My current residence is within the diasporic sphere (Singapore, China and Hong-Kong), where I am engaged in ongoing education, interactive discourse, networking endeavors, and meaningful contributions in the web3 space.

Inevitably, guided by the amalgam of knowledge, garnered experience, and achieved success, a return to Nigeria stands as an imperative. The purpose of this return is to extend support to our fellow countrymen. Interestingly, when I elicit viewpoints from individuals in the Western and Eastern hemispheres, who possess no first-hand acquaintance with Africa, their responses predominantly skew towards negativity. I posit that this tendency stems from an absence of comprehensive understanding of the actual conditions within Africa—an outlook largely shaped by media-driven narratives

However, I have come across an article that significantly distinguishes itself. It presents an exceedingly benevolent and optimistic viewpoint, substantiated by factual information, regarding the prevailing African landscape in the era of Web3 technology. This article, in my estimation, ranks among the finest in its class. It is my belief that its content has the potential to recalibrate prevailing narratives, thereby rendering palpable the influence it has had on numerous Africans aspiring to realize their ambitions without encountering prejudice or hindrances in their journey.

I extend my gratitude for your willingness to share your experiences in Africa with a global audience. It is my fervent hope that this article, much like your contributions, will actively contribute to reshaping perceptions and concretizing the positive impact achievable by countless Africans striving to manifest their aspirations, unimpeded by bias or constraints.

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Thanks for this insightful report from being on the ground where it matters!

And do let me know if there are more on-prem education opportunities come up, I'd be totally up to help. While not a dev myself, I can teach a thing or two in crypto, particularly with regards to data, entrepreneurship, project management etc.

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Hi Freddy. Ayaversity (ayaversity.com) is currently running a free intensive virtual web3 training across these 3 skill areas: Smart Contract Development, Product Management and Product Design.

We’re currently seeking for mentors across the various learning tracks and soft skills as well.

If you’d be willing to help, please reply with your email so I can get the Program

Manager to reach out.

Thank you.

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fzwanzger AT blockdaemon.com - thanks for connecting!

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Thank you!

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What an awesome piece. A big thank you.

In my humble opinion, the reason why the south and north of Africa are not really regarded as Africa may be due to skin color. I believe that our major sentiment is that you are only as African as the blackness of your skin. Wherever Africa is mentioned, the color black just pops in your head.

As for the south, i think we regard them as more African than the north, they just happen to have a lot of white people.

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